all the baby pandas to my house pls
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Игра fray на

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food? no… friend

I like how the hamster’s fear response is to just eat faster like

If I’m going to die, it should be with a full stomach.

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if i ever date a famous boy and i got hate for it i’d honestly be the most sarcastic bitch ever to them i’d be like lol can’t hear you over the great sex we just had

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Went Goat shopping today…

This baby girl claimed me as her own before I could even decide.

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fragile things (by rebecca∞mahoney)

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No matter what pain and sadness we’ve been through, we’ve endured it, we have been bearing with it. But from here, I can see the crying faces of everyone, and that makes me sad, so from now on, I want to smile properly. To see everyone enjoying themselves, I think it’s better if we show you the happy side of ourselves.

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have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone you can actually feel it driving you insane

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