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Why Are You The Way You Are: Do You Take Pictures On Your Phone?

posted 2 days ago 311 TVXQ  DBSK  Ocean  Yunho  Changmin  it's like the beginning of The Hangover  the story of two dudes who went on vacation and found themselves lost in the jungle  

posted 2 days ago 174 TVXQ  DBSK  Ocean  Changmin  Yunho  guys i still don't understand this video  sorry to people actually looking through the tags for oceans  

posted 6 days ago 321 DBSK  TVXQ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yunho  Changmin  Yoochun  da boys of south korea  that's exactly what dbsk stands for  yes  

posted 1 week ago 317 DBSK  TVXQ  Sky  Changmin  i need to clean out my drafts and this is one of the few non jae things  

posted 1 week ago 607 TVXQ  DBSK  Changmin  Jaejoong  before you say I slipped Jae in there lemme explain you a thing  

posted 1 week ago 576 TVXQ  DBSK  Changmin  Jaejoong  jaemin  i have 72 things in my drafts  

posted 1 week ago 224 TVXQ  DBSK  Junsu  Xiahtic  for the worst person ever cos apparently it's her favorite hobby to make me blush and cry  boonies  i hope he sits on you someday. and not in the way you want  

posted 1 week ago 96 TVXQ  DBSK  Jaejoong  Hey! Don't Bring Me Down  pretty sure i've filled my quota as a DW and Jae blog for the month  [canned laughter]  

posted 1 week ago 517 TVXQ  DBSK  Changmin  Jaejoong  jaemin  no i refuse to tag all their ship names  min you make this sound like this happens often  seizure warning  

posted 1 week ago 185 TVXQ  DBSK  Yunho  Changmin  Jaejoong  Yoochun  Junsu  edit  q  

posted 2 weeks ago 338 TVXQ  DBSK  Yunho  Hey! Don't Bring Me Down  jaddasroots  


posted 2 weeks ago 799 TVXQ  DBSK  Jaejoong  Hey! Don't Bring Me Down  bonus Yunho  

TVX Cute: Camera Ready

posted 1 month ago 958 TVXQ  DBSK  TVXCute  Yunho  Changmin  Jaejoong  Junsu  and then there's Chun who refused to be part of it  

posted 2 months ago 199 TVXQ  DBSK  Sky  Jaejoong  CAN I KEEP IT FOREVER  I'LL FEED IT MOST DAYS