[aggressively waiting for jaejoong to realize he's stupid in love with me]


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Jaejoong → Hair Porn part 2 (thiS IS NOT A PHOTOSHOOT GDI)

posted 3 days ago 199 Jaejoong  meme  requested  jaddasroots  hey it's the last one i'MF REE FROM THIS MEME  also i'm sleepy cos i've been getting like 5 hours every night since he got IG isn't that grREAT  

probably came up with the idea himself

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Jaejoong → Hair Porn part 1 (photoshoots)

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TVXQ → That Moment (I decided they were my babies)

posted 5 days ago 225 TVXQ  JYJ  Yoochun  Junsu  Yunho  Jaejoong  Changmin  meme  requested  moophin  and that's the last one i need to make cos i made them out of order oops  

TVXQ → My Emotions

posted 6 days ago 371 TVXQ  JYJ  Yoochun  Jaejoong  Changmin  Junsu  Yunho  meme  UGH THAT TOOK WAY LONGER THAN I THOUGHT  I MEAN I BAKED A WHOLE FUCKING PIE BEFORE I FINISHED THIS SET  uhh I know that Junsu is playing Junsu and the other one is Ocean but  cut me some slack apparently 'strong emotions' means open mouths  D: i have three more  

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Jaejoong → Body Parts

posted 6 days ago 244 Jaejoong  meme  i read body parts and was like SKIN?? LOTS OF SKIN?  ....i don't have a thing for his neck goodbye