all the baby pandas to my house pls
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posted 3 weeks ago 468 JYJ  Yoochun  Jaejoong  Junsu  edit  i debated cutting two of them out but then she'd probably yell at me  

posted 3 weeks ago 592 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  

posted 3 weeks ago 239 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  Changseok  oh god he brought his puppy  

posted 3 weeks ago 588 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  ...blossom and bubbles doing their thing  

no get back in the sand

posted 4 weeks ago 745 Jaejoong  Junsu  Yoochun  they're toddlers aren't they  

wow i wanna get my butt kicked too

posted 1 month ago 383 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  

posted 1 month ago 712 JYJ  Junsu  Yoochun  Jaejoong  happy JYJ  queue  

posted 1 month ago 633 JYJ  Yoochun  Jaejoong  Junsu  cjes this video editing is terrible hire me instead  i'm fucking laughing how much money did they make from this  enough to buy a small country  

Idiots, The Lot of Them: Chun’s OK Cupid

posted 1 month ago 898 JYJ  ITLOT  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  it's been two weeks since i posted a jyj thing?  i kept reading it as 'i want our first time together'  

mama bear Jaejoong

posted 1 month ago 283 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  omg i need a moment  

d u c k y b u t t at Tokyo Dome

posted 1 month ago 733 JYJ  Junsu  ლ(╹◡╹ლ)  i know i'm making jae next tho  

Welcome back, JYJ.

posted 1 month ago 669 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  bless fancams sometimes  sometimes i want to kick fancams in the teeth  and sometimes i laugh when the boys thrust  

For you, we’ll show you everything we’ve got.

posted 1 month ago 199 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  edit  they even walk in formation?  i'm gonna cry good luck babies  

posted 1 month ago 141 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  photoshoots