posted 1 week ago 2063 Karen Gillan  it's like watching her bangs grow out as well  

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posted 1 week ago 3053 Karen Gillan  

posted 1 week ago 3010 Karen Gillan  absolute cutest  

posted 1 month ago 127 Doctor Who  Amy Pond  Karen Gillan  

posted 1 month ago 52 Doctor Who  Amy Pond  Karen Gillan  sad that you will not be here this week  

posted 2 months ago 87 Karen Gillan  edit  

posted 2 months ago 74 Karen Gillan  photoshoot  sometimes I karen  

posted 2 months ago 43 Doctor Who  Amy Pond  Karen Gillan  i forgot how sassy amy was  

posted 2 months ago 26 Doctor Who  Karen Gillan  Amy Pond  btw I'm sure I bombed that exam  

I think it’s goodbye. Do you think it’s goodbye?

posted 2 months ago 233 Doctor Who  Karen Gillan  Amy Pond  making gifs to calm my nerves about this exam  probably not a good idea  

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