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posted 8 months ago 580 Legend of Korra  Korra  last one promise  it's just really fun to do tho  

Game on.

posted 8 months ago 639 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  LoK AU  Makorra AU  Probending Rivals  I wanted to try a different size but this is actually jank  kay if you can see this help me i'm still sobbing  

posted 8 months ago 29439 Legend of Korra  Mako  Lin  Korra  Amon  Iroh  Bolin  

Not bad, Avatar, but I won’t be as easy.

posted 8 months ago 328 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  LoK AU  Makorra AU  Probending Rivals  feat Bo  I write sassy Mako?  this set took two days to make but the colors are decent?  

tell me that you love me more

posted 8 months ago 500 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  i tried. idk what i tried but i tried.  

Burn, baby, burn.

posted 8 months ago 403 Legend of Korra  Mako  Korra  MAKORRA  LoK AU  Makorra AU  Probending Rivals  feat Bo and Fucking Hasook  

I choose her. I’ll always choose her, in this life and the next.

posted 8 months ago 1360 Legend of Korra  Amon  Mako  Korra  MAKORRA  LoK AU  Makorra AU  Equalist!Mako  

only the avatar

posted 8 months ago 569 Legend of Korra  Korra  

posted 8 months ago 244 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  slight AU cos bored  

posted 8 months ago 1400 Legend of Korra  Korra  

AULotus Guard Korra asks for directions in Republic City on her search for the runaway Avatar.

posted 8 months ago 1599 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  LoK AU  Makorra AU  OWL Guard Korra  i know this is stupid but it's been in my head for two months now  also i know that the OWL uniforms are blue but i dont want to mess with the colors here  congrats on being the longest time i've ever spent on a gif set at 5 hours  

Hit me with your best shot.

posted 8 months ago 833 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  LoK AU  Probending Rivals  it's been two months since i've made gifs for this  took me 5 episodes of paf to do her colors  the line is cheesy but it fits  shush i'm hungry  

posted 9 months ago 124 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  MAKORRA  

posted 9 months ago 727 Legend of Korra  Korra  Mako  Asami  Bolin  what I can do team avatar too