posted 5 days ago 48 Jaejoong  edit  queue  

posted 6 days ago 104 Jaejoong  edit  I WANT TO PUNCH YOUR FACE  WITH MINE  SOFTLY  queue  

posted 1 week ago 32 Jaejoong  edit  do :) a :) murder :)  

posted 1 week ago 127 Jaejoong  edit  dude i should probably know but dont care  gonna do a murder!  

posted 1 week ago 350 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  edit  

posted 1 week ago 255 JYJ  Yoochun  Jaejoong  Junsu  edit  

posted 1 week ago 375 Jaejoong  edit  cleaning up pictures is bloody tiring  class now  

posted 2 weeks ago 434 JYJ  Yoochun  Jaejoong  Junsu  edit  i debated cutting two of them out but then she'd probably yell at me  

posted 2 weeks ago 32 Jaejoong  edit  i have made a terrible mistake  

posted 3 weeks ago 86 Jaejoong  edit  

posted 3 weeks ago 582 Jaejoong  edit  I HATE YOU I'M SO TIRED  AND THAT SHIRT IS UGLY  

posted 3 weeks ago 4 Jaejoong  edit  damn it i was asleep  go away  

posted 3 weeks ago 121 Jaejoong  edit  /slaps you