all the baby pandas to my house pls
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posted 4 weeks ago 86 Jaejoong  edit  

posted 4 weeks ago 582 Jaejoong  edit  I HATE YOU I'M SO TIRED  AND THAT SHIRT IS UGLY  

posted 1 month ago 4 Jaejoong  edit  damn it i was asleep  go away  

posted 1 month ago 121 Jaejoong  edit  /slaps you  

posted 1 month ago 75 Jaejoong  edit  the existance of your face confuses me  i just woke up from a nap and the sun isn't gone yet what  

posted 1 month ago 94 Jaejoong  edit  drunk editing?  all i know is he is pretty and happy  

posted 1 month ago 12 Jaejoong  edit  i have gotten 0 work done  oh well  

For you, we’ll show you everything we’ve got.

posted 1 month ago 199 JYJ  Junsu  Jaejoong  Yoochun  edit  they even walk in formation?  i'm gonna cry good luck babies  

posted 1 month ago 134 Jaejoong  edit  LOL I HATE YOU  so i'm drunk and i might'e juste tweeted him to go drinking with me  

posted 1 month ago 92 Jaejoong  edit  i always say i'm not going to edit the new batch  always fail  

posted 1 month ago 116 Jaejoong  edit  dude how is it almost noon already  

posted 1 month ago 66 Jaejoong  edit  joongie p l s  what kind of spring break is this it's like 40 degrees  

posted 1 month ago 15 Jaejoong  edit  no tony moly comment this time?  

posted 1 month ago 20 Jaejoong  edit  damn your face  also i like how everyone zoomed into the hand  and was like WHO IS THAT WOMAN  ngl i'd punch kittens to be in her shoes