something i laughed for a good two minutes at [x]

posted 1 month ago 490 TVXQ  DBSK  Junsu  i wasn't ever going to post it i just wanted to make it  but boonies said to?  she's so bossy  seizure warning  

posted 2 months ago 205 Paperman  seizure warning  

posted 4 months ago 62 Doctor Who  The Doctor  Eleven  Matt Smith  not terrifying at all  seizure warning  

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Life with the Doctor was like this… [x]

posted 7 months ago 121 Doctor Who  dw spoilers  Amy Pond  Rory Williams  Karen Gillan  Arthur Darvill  lol quality blame bbc  seizure warning  

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posted 8 months ago 157 Doctor Who  Pond Life  The Doctor  Eleven  Amy Pond  Rory Williams  Matt Smith  Karen Gillan  Arthur Darvill  good gravy how many times has he walked in on them  Seizure warning  

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